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Start Your New Walking Routine With Feet For Life Month

This June is Feet for Life month, and the theme for 2015 is ‘walking’, something that ideally we would all like to be able to do pain free.

A recent study by The College of Podiatry has shown that 90% of men and women experience some sort of foot problem and yet only 23% of people have sought professional help, indicating that a large number of the population are in pain and discomfort when walking at some point during their lifetime.

The most common foot problems suffered in the UK include:

  • Hard, dry skin on the feet - 60%
  • Blisters - 51%
  • Rubbing from footwear - 40%
  • Aching, sore feet - 38%
  • Athletes foot - 26%
  • Sore, tight calf muscles - 24%
  • Ingrown toenails - 18%
  • Corns and Callus - 14%
  • Bunions - 10%

Brisk walking can help to reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, and increase high density lipoprotein (the good cholesterol). Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers.

Before you start a walking schedule if you have any of the above foot problems don’t suffer,  visit a Podiatrist in order to give yourself the best chance of success. Many foot ailments are caused by poorly fitting footwear so check that your trainers or shoes fit correctly and are not rubbing.

If you are wondering where to start The British Heart Foundation has an excellent website which includes a guide for walking training schedules including a beginners, intermediate and advanced training schedule to help you on your way.

If you have any favourite walks around the Rochdale and Manchester areas let us know in the comments below.