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Dry Needling

A 'trigger point' in terms of Dry Needling is a point of irritablility that is painful when pressed. We can help to release this Myofascial pain and get you back up and running.

Dry Needling: An Overview

A ‘trigger point’ is a point of irritability in a muscle or fascia that tends to be painful when pressed, sometimes it can be felt as a firm nodule along a taut band within a muscle. It causes a pattern of referred pain away from the area preventing full lengthening of the muscle and eventually weakening the entire muscle group.

These trigger points are the primary cause of pain that persists after an injury appears to have healed. For example, a patient may have pain in the Achilles tendon but upon assessment a trigger point is found higher up in the calf muscles. When this point is released, the muscle will relax and eventually strengthen again allowing the Achilles function to return to normal.

Dry Needling: The Appointment

A typical Dry Needling appointment is around 30 minutes and we recommend that they are booked in sets of 3 over a 3 week period. This is an excellent treatment for those who have had a previous injury that does not seem to have completely resolved, as well as people engaging in sports activities where performance is being effected.

We request that you attend your appointment in loose fitting trousers or shorts. Initially we'll discuss with you your current condition and take a full medical history prior to the completion of a consent form for the treatment.

The points requiring attention will be established and mapped out before the needles are inserted. Upon occasion a muscle twitch is initiated by the needle indicating that the muscle band has been released, on other occasions the needles will need to remain in place for up to 20 minutes. The Dry Needling of trigger points is often used in conjunction with supporting treatments such as stretches and Myofascial Taping.

Dry Needling: Book an Appointment

If you'd like to book a Dry Needling appointment with Walk Right Podiatry just get in touch. Our location on Drake Street in Rochdale means we're easily accessible from the whole of the Greater Manchester area.  We can usually offer appointments within 24-48 hours and we'll always try to accommodate emergency appointments where possible.