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Announcing Our New Biomechanics Lab at Tottington, Bury

As part of our exciting plans for 2015 we are thrilled to announce we will expanding our Biomechanics and Gait Analysis over to Tottington in Bury working alongside the Physiotherapists at Bradley Physio.

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis are the study of the body’s functions and movements and its effects on lower limbs. The assessment undertaken at the clinic allows us to identify and treat a number of complex gait issues from injury rehabilitation to improving sporting performance via the use of Orthotics in footwear.

We do this using state of the art equipment including Pressure Plate Analysis, OptoGait Optical Detection and Video Gait Analysis alongside several treadmill walking and running programmes.

Earlier this year the Mayor of Rochdale Carole wardle opened our Biomechanics Lab at our Rochdale clinic, which is the first of it’s kind in Rochdale.

The Biomechanics Assessment is suitable for sports people such as runners, walkers, golfers, and football or rugby players, and also of course anyone who has a pain or problem with their every-day walking, including older people and children.

Our new location at Tottington, Bury can be found at:

Walk Right Podiatry
80 Market Street

To book a Biomechanics Assessment at our Tottington clinic please call (01706) 655110. See you over at Tottington!